Moving to a new server

After 10 years with the same hosting I am moving my sites to a new provider in august 2018. It may mean some downtime and “under maintenance” messages, but I’m working 24/7 to have it all migrated and in place.

Macros of Life won an award…or?

I usually do not accept paying for submitting my work to art competitions, but in June 2018 I made an exception, because LightSpaceTime Gallery offered discounted entry fees for their “555 Special 2018 Art Exhibition” – just $5 for entering 5 images, they normally charge $24.

In July the competition results arrived in my inbox, in a mail that looks more like a regular newsletter. I clicked my way through all the lists and categories, but neither my name nor my work was on any of their winners lists.

Next day however, I received another mail from them: “Dear Artist: We wanted to thank you for your submissions and your participation in our recent and successful 555 Special Art Exhibition. Attached is a Special Recognition Award Certificate that you may print out for your professional references and for your art portfolio”. Attached with the mail is a non personalized certificate, and there’s also a link to their Dropbox, where I can download more bling: Award Ribbon, Event Press Release, Event Postcard.

Did I overlook something? I go through all their lists of winners once again, and this time I also view their YouTube slideshow of the art exhibition – just like they want me to – but NO: neither my name nor my work is mentioned or shown anywhere.

The mail (and the certificate) is signed by John R. Math, and one highlighted paragraph says “Let me know if you would like us to personalize this Certificate for you. Please let us know Your Name and the Title of the Artwork that you would like to have on your Award Certificate.” They don’t even know my name or what works they selected for their Special Recognition category?

I thought I’d try something. I replied to the mail with my name and the title of one of my video series, “Macros of Life”. Next day I received this from John R. Math:

award certificate

There’s just one serious problem here: Macros of Life was never submitted to LightSpaceTime Gallery, they don’t even accept video submissions.

I won’t bother wasting time or $$$ submitting to LightSpaceTime Gallery again.