In My House

This week I am taking over a house in Southampton, UK, with a solo exhibition in a domestic setting. The exhibition, “In My House”, is showing images and videos from “The End of the World as we know it” on TVs, monitors, and as projections in the inhabited space.

“In My House” is curated by Abigail Miller, from 14th January she is also documenting it on her website, check it out.

Photo from the exhibition In My House
Photo from Instagram @abigailmillerstudio

Hardware failure on the server where my sites and mail are hosted

Due to hardware failure on the server where my sites,,,, project MANIFESTO etc. are hosted, InMotionHosting will move me to a new server.

The move starts 5. Dec. and may last up to 72 hours, where there can be some instability, where mail and sites don’t work as they should – please try again if you are not getting a reply from me.