Simultan media archive

Simultan Festival, Timişoara, Romania, is creating an online archive with all the video works they had in their screening programs, and also other works and documentary materials they have since 2005. The archive includes my work “The End of the World as we know it” which was screened at Simultan XIV in 2019.

So far there are 891 entries in the extensive archive which can be visited at

The Wake-Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?

The Wake-Up! Memorial is adding INSOMNIA to a new showcase representing an act of solidarity for the victims of the pandemic and a warning alike addressed to the human population on Earth to rethink the current values of the individual and the society as a whole.

The show case – Corona! Shut Down? – is integrated in NewMediaFest2020, the large film collection can currently be visited at

Digital Art Spaceship

V-Art has selected my work for the first exhibition on a digital Art Spaceship that will be launched on their platform in March.

Watch this space for more news from me about the project.

Digital Art Spaceship

Update 03/03/2021:
Well, my project won the competition, but I refused to sign a legal document written in Ukrainian (which I can not read), and to send sensitive personal identifying information to V-Art’s trash email address. So they took my project down again. I might write a blog post about this outrageous business later.


I still own my work and my full ID. You can see the award winning project “The End of the World as we know it” here, and from 8.-28. March you can see it if you are in Chicago, where it is part of Roman Susan’s Streetlight.

Social media – Facebook

I am taking my Facebook page offline soon. At least for some time, maybe permanently. I am fed up with the user interface and the lack of control over the display of images and videos I post there.

If you have followed the Facebook page – or if you are one of the people or organizations I gave the link to – feel free to follow me on Instagram @glasslabs_art instead.

You can also find my work on these links:
Artist website:
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