Trompe le Monde online TV by The Wrong

The Wrong has launched a new online tv platform for digital art, music and culture, with free live streaming 24/7.

Channel 1, Trompe le Monde (Fool the World), curated by David Quiles Guilló, is showing videos people have posted links to in a private Facebook group, along with a selection of works featured in previous editions of The Wrong Biennale. So far, no artists are credited for their work.

Whether The Wrong will succeed in fooling the world is uncertain, but if you are looking for free online streaming where a large number of digital artists are being fooled, go watch “Trompe le Monde”.

SPAMM – 4BR3 4 tU4 M3NT3, D35con3c+4 – Digital Art Online Show

SPAMM – 4BR3 4 tU4 M3NT3, D35con3c+4 is a digital collective exhibition curated by Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon, in collaboration with Systaime (aka Michäel Borras). The initial proposal was to physically present part of the collection of SPAMM the SuPer Art Modern Museum (, alternating with works selected by spontaneous application.

Due to the current covid-19 emergency the show has moved away from the physical installing and can now be experienced safely from your home. During the Zaratan gallery opening hours (Thu-Sun, 4-8pm) there will be the transmission of a live stream of videos/animations/gifs, running on Zaratan’s facebook page. The stream of digital creations combines artworks from SPAMM’s archive with the works received through spontaneous application, and it will keep changing during the duration of the show with the addition of new artworks. Moreover, the project includes a dense program of live events presented in real time online: performances, vj sets, concerts, talks and other forms of virtual interaction which play with the infinite possibility of digital technologies.

I am participating in the show with video work, the opening event happens tonight 19.00-22.00 UTC with live stream on Zaratan’s Facebook page and the show continues the next 8 weeks online.

Opening event:

More information on Zaratan’s website: and on their Facebook page

SPAMM - 4BR3 4 tU4 M3NT3, D35con3c+4 poster