From the artist to the audience.

A work of art without an audience is wasted. As an artist I am content that my work is reaching more people.

During the last year or two I have also dealt with a few people whose profession is curating, and I have had some issues with some of their expectations to me as an artist.

My art is where I express myself, it is my language, it is how I speak. Curators generally expect artists to also deliver writings like long biographies, artist statements, sometimes even essays, created in words. To me this is completely off the track.

It is important to reflect on your own practice, the process, your aims. And the audience also sometimes find this interesting to know about. So, I started this web project MANIFESTO, where I focus on those subjects.

Unlike works like “The End of the World as we know it” (which I consider flexible and open to the audiences own personal interpretations), MANIFESTO is quite strict and restricted. I respect and understand that there will always be different interpretations depending on age, cultural backgrounds etc. and the audience is free to think. But when you visit MANIFESTO you are less free. It is the project you visit if you want to understand my aims and study my work under the surface of the work itself.

MANIFESTO lives on the domains,,,,,, and if you find it fragmented and unfinished, you are perfectly right, it is always a work in progress.

Susanne Layla Petersen, February 2021